The CP Alumni Business club was started initially as a larger conversation, among a smaller group of CP Alumni. This came about as a "what if" we did something different to help our own business people. The initial idea was to enhance and tap into our own network and lead from the front. Therefore Ryan Boyce took the idea just a step further than the initial conversation. Through his own digital marketing company, Ryan set about to create the CP Alumni Business Card.

From that simple idea - and some market research, the creation of the card was done. Unlike how some loyalty programs may work, this card benefits Coleridge and Parry Alumni only. It is just a bit unfortunate that those others who would like to benefit - just didn't attend this illustrious institution.

When you consider the many achievements of this select group from the north of Barbados, no wonder we continue leading from the front.

Meet the Team

In keeping with our philosophy of embracing our alumni...

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Ryan Boyce

glendine carter

Glendine Carter

Feel free to reach out to us to ask a question or to even make a suggestion. It is a simple as through our contact page, or via our email address. Those persons outside of Barbados who may want to reach us as well, we welcome your call. Do also feel free to contact us on + 917-725-5111


This benefits your company since you have:

A captive audience that you can appeal too...

We're supporting our own

Support our Alma Mater

A Digital Presence - [Digital Marketing]

Cost Effective Marketing

We're the first group of Old Scholars to do this in Barbados