Pizza Mania

Owning a small business takes hard work, commitment and dedication. For over 20 years, this is exactly what Marcia and Leary Jemmott have put into making their pizza business a success.

According to Marcia, a Coleridge and Parry alumnus, the foundation of the business called Pizza Mania was laid after her then boyfriend, Leary, left his job at another pizza making entity and he decided to start his own.

Since then they have been building the business year after year, producing quality pizzas for customers at any almost any event.

Customers from all across Barbados, have grown to love and enjoy the product of Pizza Mania as they focus solely on pizza making with the aim of improving it from time to time.

They can be found at some schools on a daily basis during lunchtime where students and staff flank the delivery car. A picture of the quality product.

Many customers, including individual homes, and corporate customers, give great reviews and continue to patronise the business again and again. “They [our customers] tell us they are happy that we have maintained our quality product after all these years,” Marcia declared.

Marcia further stated that what keeps them motivated in the small business world are “the special friendships and interaction with customers…and people always tell us we have a special product [and] don’t give up even though lots of other people sell pizzas.”

Marcia noted that since the business is small it usually means that they have to fit into various roles involved in running a business. This means that they both play the role of delivery persons, receptionists, accountants, bakers, cleaners, and so on.

She therefore had this bit of advice for young school leavers: Go after your dreams…everybody would like to be an entrepreneur but it is not easy at all. You have to be willing, dedicated, and make sacrifices. Once you have the correct mind-set you can be successful.”

Article written by: Shernelle Clarke

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