C.P. Alumni Businesses

We all know one business or another that is owned and operated by a Coleridge & Parry (CP) School Alumni. Until now though this information has not been used to the full extend of its potential. In fact, with the current informality of this information, we are unable to really support and network with each other and support the respective businesses.

Not Any More

Research is constantly showing the expansive reach of the Coleridge & Parry Entrepreneurs and how they have grown their respective companies both big and small. As we know, in Barbados it is a small society and in order to make a difference we need to use the power of our various networks  – in this case our CP Alumni, to assist and support those CP Businesses. When we do this as alumni – we help keep their doors open. Keeping a CP Alumni business open is important for several reasons.


The importance of keeping a CP Alumni Business Open, can have such an impact on the wider Barbados society, and even globally. Additionally we must keep in mind that with the advent of Digital Marketing and the significant impact of the Internet – some businesses also exist exclusively online. Just a few reasons come to mind why we must support our Alumni Businesses…

  • Open for Business – The business, remains open to conduct and offer a service to the public. Of course, this contributes positively on the economy.
  • The business can continue to employ staff and by extension provide for individual families
  • There is still something called the Golden Rule – [Do unto others as you’d have them do unto you…]
  • Other Alumni Associations may follow. Our leadership assists the growth of many other businesses across the landscape.

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Get your CP owned or operated business listed so that we can share it with all of the CP Alumni… We’ll need your logo as well… Or if you simply want to ask a question, you may do so as well. Click Here…