Beauty From A Thorn

Owner: Glendine Hewitt-Carter

This company proudly owned and operated by one of our very own CP Alumus easily falls into the wellness sector in Barbados. Under the astute eye of Glendine Hewitt-Carter, “Beauty From A Thorn” has grown from its very first client when it started 10 years ago to stand on its own as one of the thriving entrepreneurial and woman-owned businesses in Barbados. The service here is one which is personalized, as they provide facials, manicures, pedicures to a wide cadre of clients. In fact, we understand that within a short time massages will also be added to the service offering.


So how did Glendine get into doing this business? It was a bit of curiosity which sparked her interest and now a full fledged business. Glendine at that time was invited to be a model for one of her girlfriend’s exam, and having completed that spotlight event, she spoke at length with the tutor. That spark led to her being invited to join the classes and qualification courses when it was offered the next time around.

The journey over this decade has been great as described by this CP Alumnus, and it brings a sense of pride. Glendine says that her clients express sentiments about their feet where they state “...they feel like a baby’s bottom…” or others ask her to “…come take me home, I don’t want my feet touch[ing] the ground....”

Clay Wrap – Beauty from a Thorn

It gives me a sense of pride…

There is such a sense of pride when you complete a client’s request and its a job well done. Furthermore it is wonderful in this space to see client satisfaction. Glendine says, that “…it gives me a sense of pride at another job well done. In a whole I love to see people taking care of themselves especially their feet.


As in any entity, one expects to have challenges in some form or another. For this business owner, she stated that the hurdles which she experienced were mostly personal. Unfortunately, Glendine has been in three major accidents which set her back quite a bit. Through each period, she said that her customers were very understanding and were more or less loyal through each period. It was these sorts of things which kept her buoyant.

Like any business person, we always want to know why we should do business with Beauty From A Thorn. In this case the first response which we received was that the minute you feel tired and sore and need to be rejuvenated, the ideal thing is to have an appointment with these guys. You’ll immediately be pampered as well as there is a sense of motivation and “feel good” factor at the end of a session. Further to this, a follow up appointment naturally happens just as soon as the current one is completed. This speaks to each client being refreshed and ready to take on anything that they may now face.SkinnyCo 20% OFF Minimum $50 order

This wellness entity is not only looking at the local market but they have started to put things in place for regional as well as international audiences. We’ve been given an inside scoop that there is a new subsidiary coming in 2018.

After Treatment – Beauty from a thorn

As such Glendine encourages persons who are looking to start a business to “go for it…” as such she expressed that some persons will try to discourage you and act to remind you as a business person of all of the little negative things that exist. On the other hand, she also said that there will be others who are behind you and your business venture 100 percent.

Overall, Glendine said – that persons need to believe in themselves and if that project fails then you don’t give up, just try another project, and keep trying and trying. One of her mantras is this… “The graveyard is the richest place there is, as it contains numerous buried dreams…”

She states, that you should not take yours there but that you should put your best foot forward, and try, try yet try again. In fact she has done it since those three accidents…so anyone else can.

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