Thank you!!!

Just to say publicly to all of you who have signed up to receive your Old Scholars’ Incentive Card…

Thank You!

We have to apologize for the delay in our delivery, and continued roll-out of our program. This has been due to further on-going discussions between us and the Management Team of the Old Scholars Association. We believe that both sides can work amicably to offer a mutually beneficial arrangement. These discussions are expected to be through in time for us to offer a Christmas incentive to the past students of this wonderful institution.

In the mean time, we continue to meet with the various businesses which are owned and operated by old scholars to highlight some of the magnificent work that they are doing right here. In fact, quite a few of you have even made recommendations on who our team should visit and give a hail up too as well. We are working on it…

You do know, that through this card you give 5% back to the Old Scholars Association who then sees to it that it is given to good use, in assisting our school. The other benefit is that you inevitably help those businesses owned by persons who sometimes sat next to us in class, or who we may have “fought over” when we were much younger. Think about it, we have mobilized our very own efforts in a most beneficial way, and those business persons have created their own incentive to give to you as a fellow Old Scholar, once you show your card.

Each business – that signs up with us…

  • Gets a “feature” article written about them, and that helps their marketing
  • Enjoys an email blast which goes out to all of our members
  • Is also listed on this website as one of the places to do business
  • Creates a unique incentive exclusively for us as old scholars
  • Has you as their captive niche audience
  • Ends up giving back to our school

Looking forward to welcoming you to the incentive club, and also getting your old scholars club card. Click here and sign up… 

Beauty from a Thorn… is owned and operated by Glendine Hewitt-Carter, and will be our next featured business by an old scholar. Stay tuned, or simply add your email address to receive the article when published.

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