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We all know of the major challenges which persons have experienced both personally and in business over the past year. As you know, some of our entrepreneurs and business persons continue to keep their doors open thankfully due to the partnerships which they have formed for their respective businesses.

We believe that if we support each other as old scholars then by extension we have created our own way to ride out this tough economic wave.

Additionally the indicators are showing that this year 2018 is setting up to be another tough one. However – let us not dwell only on the gloom but to to use our personal influence to power and support our Old Scholar Businesses and by extension our own families. This can be done through the propagation of our own CP Old Scholar [CP.O.S] Club Card. Remember that we are not only located in Barbados but internationally in countries, some which may have already overcome the economic struggle.

Let us use the power of our CPOS Club Card as well to encourage those persons outside of Barbados to purchase the card and do business online to support our local businesses. We all know of those other places, where persons may receive an added advantage because of where they may have had their secondary education. Well let us pull our ranks together and support each other.

Some of our members have also had the keen privilege of spending a few weeks teaching at our Alma Mater – and our school needs as much support as they can. Having taken a look at our Music and Fine Arts Department it is phenomenal how this department jostles to receive some of the very scare resources. We are therefore encouraging our business community to consider donating to our Coleridge & Parry School for those that have not done so, and those who have donated, do not stop.

The CP School Needs You…This a unique club card is for all of our CP Brothers and Sisters, locally and internationally. When you take a look at one of the significant features of this CPOS club card, you will see the first 4-digits “1825” – which stands as a marker for the year the Anglican Church first established the Schools. The second 4-digits “1952“, stands as the year the Parry School & Coleridge School were amalgamated.

How will you know which merchant or business person accepts the CPOS Club Card?

This website is kept updated on a weekly basis, and therefore as new businesses come on board you will receive an update. Additionally the logo of that company will be placed on the website. Further to this, we also encourage your feedback, ideally with those positive experiences which you are sure to enjoy. We also have a good relationship with companies as they come on board, and if there is an experience which we all believe can be improved, this of course will be shared with our business persons.

We look forward to welcoming each one of you to join forces with us and start receiving your incentives and discounts.

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