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When you  think of exceptional creativity, and you speak with Carlene Holford…then you can also understand why in the business this has been called ARCA Creative Concepts. Creativity is one of the key centers of excellence of this CP Alumni Business. For those who do not know, this team is into one of creative longevity, as they have been delighting customers with handicrafts. In fact when they first started – these guys worked their concepts into crocheted and knitted items. Not to be limited in their efforts – Carlene also diversified into plastic canvas, sewing and in fact,

Modeling an ARCA Creative Concept Top

she is looking to position the company to explore other areas of handicraft.

What made you start?

This is always one of the pertinent questions which each entrepreneur sometimes have a challenge identifying…At times it may be out of necessity other times it seemed to have happened so gradually that over time it was obvious that we were in a business. However in the instance of  ARCA Creative, this business happened when Carlene’s mom became unemployed. This at times can be the most motivating factor in the leader of any business launching their own path. As such – Carlene’s mom still wanted her independence and to have her own money and revenue incoming. It was here that both of them got together and set-up the new venture. This seemed to have been the path that was to be, since within a year – Carlene became unemployed. The obvious thing then was for both of them to push the business to its feasible limits and make it a fully viable entity.

Like a good old scholar, our team had to ask why would anyone want to do business with ARCA Creative. In fact, this always give the CP Alumni a chance to fully highlight that they know what they are about. In each instance our CP Old Scholar seem to step up and really tout it as they should. Carlene was quick to mention that she and her team are dedicated the client and the job at hand. Further to this – she indicated that it is the commitment to the customer, to the business, and to the craft that positions them as the best entity to do business in this

Further, this growing entity – acknowledges the thought, time and preparation that is placed into each item as proof of service. Carlene quipped…”Our service and products are unique and diversified...” As much as they have been growing in the grander scheme, this home-based business understands the client’s need. It also reminded our team at digital marketing craft of the unique creatives which are found on places like etsy, the global market place for one-of-a-kind products… Having had a look at these guys, the prices are not outrageous as they understand the need for being honest and ethical in their business.

Didn’t stop there…

We had to find out what customers and clients were saying about ARCA Creative’s products. The feedback went like this…

Great work, great customer service and great outfit …..I’m in love with my daughter’s romper .. everyone loves it….”

Nice!” –  “Classy

Credits: ARCA Creative Concepts

Parting Shot!

One of the major things which is important, is to inspire those CP scholars who are about to enter the world of work… or, those who are looking to start their own business. When we put this to Carlene to express a few thoughts to these upcoming students… one of her immediate suggestions was to “build your own business…” Working for someone has its pros as well, “…but when you work for yourself it is more rewarding when your customers thank you for service…

It is hard work to build your business but so is working for someone. Building your own business allows you to express your creativity. If you have tried one type of business and it does not work, DON’T give up until you have found your niche...” She further suggested that “you might not become a millionaire but you could be comfortable. Being your own boss doesn’t limit you to one business either...”

This CP Alum, sees further dynamic growth into having another business or such like, and we say kudos! from our CP Alumni Biz family, especially since she has roped in more of her family members into getting involved. Her niece who has started to crochet some swimsuits and made this into a emerging line, with specialized orders already on way and climbing. ARCA Creative’s slogan: “You visualize it; We create it

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