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Astute business persons have already knocked on our doors in order to offer an incentive to our CP Old Scholars card holders. They have recognized the influence of our ordered movement as consumers. We therefore take the opportunity to welcome on board North Point Medical.

North Point Medical, even though the name may suggest the location as somewhere in St. Peter or St. Lucy, is actually a doctor’s office located in Black Rock, St. Michael. We all know that we can surely benefit with a little bit of ease here and there, medical check ups included. Just a quick telephone call to the office on 537-6765 to make your appointment and the doctors there know how to be empathetic with you during your visit.

These general practice medical doctors can help you identify your wellness needs and know how to put you back on the path to better health, and, it is sure worth the effort. Further to this – an easy relationship with your doctor is what makes the entire visit an experience.

The office located just there in the StanDev Complex, it is also easily accessible via the public transport system. It is important now. With a rate of 2 heart attacks every three days in Barbados, and other chronic non-communicable diseases we need to really look after ourselves.

Of course you can easily get the whole battery of tests coordinated through North Point Medical, however what may distinguish them is that their clients feel at ease with the level of professionalism and quality of service they receive. In fact just ask their clients when you do have a chance to visit, as this is one of the best forms of reviewing an experience.

It is important that we cultivate the culture of taking care of our health and wellness, as for example we have seen the prominence that Alzheimer’s disease has taken recently. However with the right regime and taking care of ourselves we can actually slow the process significantly in degeneration, and do so in consultation with our medical practitioner.

We understand that some of our CP Old Scholars, have already visited and benefited, in paying a visit to this medical clinic. This has also occurred on more than one occasion as well.

Do remember that we are bringing on Affiliate businesses that have expressed interest in offering incentives to the card holders.

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