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This company Sirrom S L D Productions, has become a leader in Sound Lighting & Decor, hence the SLD in the title. Operated by an astute CP Alumni businessman, Sirrom S L D Productions have already given some of the already established production companies a run for their money. In fact, this company headed up by Mr. David Phillips, has graced both the large and small stages in Barbados and even parts of the Caribbean. This company has also seen its fair share of challenges, but they have given back to their community and have also managed to give of their corporate responsibilities. Operating from West Terrace in the island of Barbados – the effect of giving has ensured that the returns are also received.

Many persons would not believe that Sirrom S L D Productions was established in 2003, but they pride themselves on taking the rough times along with the smooth. In fact as they continue to tout that “for many years we have designed, consulted and implemented systems on a vast range of projects. From house parties, conferences, day/night-time entertainment venues and many more…”

Furthermore theses guys consistently work with the latest technologies. “Sirrom offers a rare opportunity to provide a complete and innovative solution to any area of the entertainment industry.” Maybe you have seen them around? How about at the annual Niniki’s Barbados Music Festival ? – That may ring a bell… or even you may enjoy Krave The Band, or Fyah D Wuk? Yep, Sirrom is the machinery behind the success of these events. The involvement has even extended to charity, churches and even national productions.

Carifesta XIII

Just to throw their weight around a little bit, Sirrom created a stir within the recently held Carifesta XIII hosted in Barbados. Their audience indicated that there was phenomenal lighting at the Lester Vaughn Secondary School Venue as well as full creative and convincing sound, lighting and staging for the Youth Fest, held in the car-park of the National Cultural Foundation (NCF). 


What are 3 pillars which support this CP Alumni business?




Economical and budgetary products and services

Doing business with Sirrom has become the norm for quite a few of their clients who now expect at least these three key ingredients within the ongoing relationship. In fact they believe it is the timely delivery of these critical ingredients which then make their overall party or cocktail or even festival one which patrons talk about and clamor to be updated on the details of the next.

Having also done business with Sirrom personally, the ease of working with this team makes the overall tasks just a bit easier to manage. We believe that it is also since the Alma mater played a pivotal role in our developmental backgrounds, that empowers us to network and use our leverage with each other. Next time you consider having an event – it makes sense to contact Sirrom.

For those going to the next series of Elevate Events or Soca Brainwash – give them a CP Shout-Out!

Sirrom S L D Productions – A CP Alumni Business

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